Research constitutes the FUNDAMENTAL component of an Investor’s investing endeavors Our unwavering commitment with Bastion CORE lies in providing objective research while ensuring its accessibility to investors, irrespective of the size of their capital.

Know what you own and know why you own it

Key Features

In-depth Business Understanding

  • In-depth Business Understanding
  • Management Study
  • Quality of Earnings Study
  • List of KPIs for each company
  • Scenario Analysis

Continuous Tracking

  • Result Update
  • Con Call Update
  • Progress on KPIs
  • Other Important Update (if any)

Bastion CORE “Preferred” seal

  • Companies with the most compelling prospects.
  • Selection based on the SMART framework.

Bastion SMART framework

Strong Business

Management Quality

Accounting Quality

Reasonable Valuations

Tailwind to the Business

: Dominant Player | Right to Win

: Integrity (Most IMP) | Intelligence | Competence

: Reliable Financial Reporting.
: Quality Business at Reasonable Valuation.
: Promising & Sustainable Growth Prospect.

Strong Business
: Dominant Player | Right to Win

Management Quality
: Integrity (Most IMP) | Intelligence | Competence

Accounting Quality
: Reliable Financial Reporting.

Reasonable Valuations
: Quality Business at Reasonable Valuation.

Tailwind to the Business
: Promising & Sustainable Growth Prospect.

Bastion SMART


Strong Business

Dominant Player | Right to Win


Management Quality

Integrity (Most IMP) | Intelligence | Competence


Accounting Quality

Reliable Financial Reporting


Reasonable Valuations​

Quality Business at Reasonable Valuation


Tailwind to the Business​

Promising & Sustainable Growth Prospects

Our Plans

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To subscribe to our service, kindly follow this link and steps thereafter. We will get you started in no time.

We do not offer refunds, but if you need help navigating with our portal, you can reach out to us here, we will be happy to help.

Subscribers will get detailed coverage of interesting ideas which will include a business understanding note, quarterly updates, corporate action update, and any other update relevant. Business understanding note will include,

  •  Detailed business model understanding
  • Key things in Favor of the company
  • Key risk in the business
  • Valuation
  • Key performance indicator to be tracked
  • Summary of management interactions or plant visits At any point in time, we will have active coverage of at least 10 companies
Do -It-Yourself diligent investors.

• If you want only buy/sell recommendations, which you can simply execute

• Do not have the inclination to read detailed reports to understand the potential and risk of a business

Yes, we do. You can drop us mail by following this link, we will revert back as soon as possible.

We have kept few sample reports outside our paywall ( Explore Research ). You can refer them to understand the quality of our work.

Please refer to our subscription plans here

  •  We do not provide, BUY/SELL recommendations or model portfolio service
  • We do not provide guarantee of the performance as part of the service. Kindly do your due diligence while investing in the ideas under our coverage
  • We do not provide target price or upside potential. Though we will share what we believe to be the estimated fair value of the business based on multiple scenario analysis of the business
There is no commitment by us on this front. We will share our research ideas as and when we come across them.
Yes, you can drop us a mail at connect@bastionresearch.in
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